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BigVoice Media Group 2019 Showreel

2019! Where has the year gone? As we take a look back on some of our most ambitious projects, BigVoice Media Group is gearing up for our biggest year yet! Here is a taste of our complete coverage, data driven graphics, commentary and Livestreaming services.


2017-2019 Swimming Championships Showreel

A showreel of some of our favourite clips we've had the pleasure of shooting over the past couple years for swimming events across the country!


2019 Rugby Pre-Season Showreel

A brief look into the Titans v Cowboys Pre-Season match that ran on the 23rd of February! BigVoice Media Group had the pleasure of providing a full live-stream of the match for the Sunshine Coast Stadium.


Our Services Portfolio

We have just launched our new 2017 services portfolio video. Some of our most recent clients include Bond University, University of Queensland, Mercedes Benz, Australian Rugby Union, Swimming Queensland, John Paul College and Lloyds Auctions.


Surf Life Saving Prize Home 189 "Lucent"

"Lucent" is just one of many prize homes offered by Surf Life Saving monthly. BigVoice Media Group provides full packages for prize homes, up-to, & including clips shot & edited for television, long & short social media clips, & even cinema advertising! Each prize home video is shot & edited to be tailored specifically to the look-and-feel of the home offered.


Live Sport Services 2017

Check out some of our latest live sport integration. To find out more contact us today.