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We are known for our superior Video Production Services across Corporate, Broadcast Television, Commercial applications.

Our team is here to help cultivate your vision and produce results – we can help with everything from Pre- Production planning to the final delivery of your product, service or program.


A Wealth of experienced combined with a working knowledge of all the latest 4K technologies & workflows.

BigVoice Media Group offers unparalleled 4K digital video production services for film, television commercial, corporate, documentary & web video projects.

hd broadcast

BigVoice specialises in professional video & Live Production. To that end all our equipment is professional quality and HD broadcast Standard or greater.

audio broadcast

From professional quality voice over featuring state-of-the-art microphones and high-end equipment to Audio Post Production.

Out team treat every project with skill and great care, to ensue every part of your message is heard as well as seen.

eqiupment rental

BigVoice has a wide range of 4K and HD camera kits, lenses, AV & lighting systems.

We also provide complete turnkey live production systems. From a single camera shoot to full multi-camera production our qualified staff can provide you with a solution for your requirements.

Integrate all of your presentation material into your Live-Stream show.

Ideas are great, however sometimes you need someone like us, who have a proven track record of being able to bring these ideas to life.

From conception to distribution we will take ideas and make them deliver your end goal.


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Video Production

Video Production is a core service at BigVoice Media Group.

Our team is highly experienced with filming and editing across a range of professional industries. We are dedicated to our clients' ideas and focus on developing customised and creative solutions.

Whether you're a Digital Agency, Business or representative from a Governement sector, our attention to detail is our strongest asset. In addition to our creative minds, we are also equipped with the latest generation of Production and Post Production equipment.


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Establish your corporate identity, its foundations, approach and key members of the team.

Tell your story - why your business has been established and explain your unique approach to delivering an outstanding product or service.

Create brand awareness and introduce the key members of your team to your audience.

Shoot corporate interviews with experts in your industry (assumed interviews or panel/forum discussions).

This format is suitable for B2B and B2C.

Corporate Video


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Product Video

Highlight a product or a package of services with a short, simple demonstration or launch video.

Videos of this nature can easily be packaged with Press-Kits and Media Releases.


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Directly reach Broadcast TV or YouTube viewers with a memorable and compelling pitch.

Capitalise on a Direct Response Television Commercial designed to increase your exposure and boost sales.

Leverage the impact pre-roll ads can make via YouTube, our end to end process takes you from conception to submission onto YouTube ad platform.

TVC & Advertising

Documentary Film

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Documentary Film

Long-form Documentary films are extremely effective to recount a story or journey.

Whether it is for mainstream Television release, an infomercial spot or an online web series.


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Grab the attention of your online followers with a punchy, straight to-the-point video.

Learn how to best exploit the new video features integrated into social media platforms.

Inform your followers about upcoming events, promotions and day to day happenings inside your business.

Encourage interaction and participation within your ‘social’ accounts and websites by creating incentive-based videos.

Online & Social Media

Video Services Applications

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Property & Real Estate

Capture the ‘money shots’ at the physical location of the property, highlighting the key features of the property.

If the development is not yet complete, we can showcase brilliant, life-like fly-throughs displaying 3D concept maps. For completed developments, we also offer aerial shots via the use of drones and helicopters depending on the location.

We also believe in the importance of highlighting the context of the area, distances to local amenities and services such as nearby cities, airports and other infrastructure.

Business and Tender Response Videos

Give your business an unique edge for a tender response and highlight your key point of difference.

Business and Tender Response Videos allow key processses to demonstrated as well as manufacturing techniques and other advantages you will bring to the table.

Industry and Process

Demonstrate process-critical training videos for your staff and streamline your operational procedures.

Fullfill Occupational Health & Safety requirements in a more efficient manner with OH&S Video Inductions

Crowd Funding

Increase the chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign with our services.

Political and Issue

Promote the success of a local event & reinforce what you stand for and what you are doing for the community.

Create insightful profile videos for key individuals in the Community and connect you with your constituents on a personal level.

Training and Education

We regularly produce insightful content for:

Educational Institutions (including Primary School, Secondary School and Tertiary) Promotional Videos, Lecture Recordings, Symposiums, Summits, Conferences, Course Program Videos, Education Aide Videos.

Ready To Use Your Big Voice?


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